About Us

About Happy Hippie Van

We are a small indie brand dedicated to providing our customers with a fun feel-good experience every time they explore our shop. Every order we send out is full of love and free stickers! 

We want our store to feel inclusive and welcoming to all so we offer plenty of plus-sized options in both our main clothing store happyhippievan.com and our secondhand thrift store depop.com/happyhippievan, our sizes currently range from XS-4XL and we plan to continue expanding our sizes and plus size clothing options.

We also have made the choice to not categorize our store by gender, since day one our message has been "wear what makes you happy!" so we have never sorted our clothes by traditional Womens and Mens categories. We feel clothes and accessories are simply meant to be enjoyed, not limited.

Happy Hippie Van proudly supports the LGBTQIA+, all POC, Marginalized Communities, Black Lives Matter, Feminism + Women's Rights, Environmental Protection + Reducing Climate Change, and all our fellow humans. We proudly continue to speak on these topics and run sales / campaigns allowing us to donate to said topics. If you feel we can do better in any way on being a more safe, inclusive, welcoming brand for all please don't hesitate to email us at happyhippievan@gmail.com or use our chat feature available 24/7 at HappyHippieVan.com towards the bottom right corner. 


 A Message From Our CEO Mona

It is incredibly important to me for Happy Hippie Van to be a safe and fun space for all, whether you visit us online or in-person, Happy Hippie Van is a whole experience not just a store in my eyes. We have no employees, no warehouse, no investors. But the love and passion I have for Happy Hippie Van, and our entire community we've created, is enough to see our brand flourish.  Every day I am speechless and thankful for all of you beautiful souls, whether you've left a sweet comment on our social medias or ordered from us, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Every order I pack, every piece of art I create, and every tarot reading I do will be sent with all the love and light I can possibly give!


Contact Us

Instagram: @ShopHappyHippieVan 


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Email : happyhippievan@gmail.com

For Order & Shipping Inquires or any questions at all, feel free to use our 24/7 order tracker + chat feature available anywhere from our website towards the lower right corner, a live person will respond to your questions and concerns ASAP!                                                                                                                          



*to stay up to date on our most recent pop up schedule, follow us on Instagram + click our highlight called "New Pop Ups"

**any social media / contact method not listed above is NOT us, these are our only official accounts and contact methods, if you encounter any scammers / fake accounts please contact us + report the account if possible, thank you